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Meet UGG Since 1974 Directors Todd & Hannah Watts, a third-generation Australian family business handcrafting premium quality Australian sheepskin boots in Queensland, Australia. With more than forty-five years’ experience crafting UGG boots, the UGG Since 1974 heritage dates back to the 1970s, when UGG boots were first innovated in Australian backyards.

Under the watchful eye of a young sheep classer from the Australian country, it was then that the Ugg Since 1974 bespoke workshop started producing premium quality sheepskin boots and accessories, one piece at a time.

Almost five decades on, their UGG boots continue to be handcrafted from start to finish at their custom built workshop in South East Queensland, where the team works tirelessly to maintain quality workmanship, luxurious comfort and timeless style in each and every pair of UGG boots.

At UGG Since 1974, there are no conveyor belts or mass production of UGG boots. Instead, you’ll find one-of-a-kind leathers, the wooliest of Australian merino sheepskins, and UGG boots being artfully crafted by their talented makers, most of whom have mastered their craft over decades of practice and precision.

UGG Since 1974 Director Todd Watts says: “I think there’s an appetite for local customers to buy locally made sheepskin boots, they get longevity, they get quality and they get reassurance that what they’re buying will last the test of time”.
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